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Following are the top 10 pitfalls that owners of family-run businesses should avoid when planning their succession

Watch this short video to learn about all the different kind of digital assets you should consider as a part of “getting your house in order”. Then download the free tool that will get you started!

House of Gucci illustrates how important it is for families to pay attention to succession and exit planning. I give this movie two thumbs up for the entertainment value of the movie, but two thumbs down on exit planning!

A well-crafted business plan can be a blueprint for entrepreneurial confidence. This multifaceted tool is as important to established business owners looking to grow their companies as it is to budding entrepreneurs.

We share a tool that you can use to document your ten-year vision, 3-year plan, and one-year strategic plan.

Of course, you CAN golf every day, but is that your whole retirement plan? Well, I know some individuals that do golf six out of seven days. (They close the course Mondays!). But do you WANT to golf every day?

How can you enhance your financial readiness? Your Freedom Point is achieving the amount of money you desire that funds your retirement. Some business owners will get there, and then continue to stay.

So why can’t you just sell your business in a couple of months?
Business owners are often told they need to get ready to sell their business, why can’t they just up and sell it?

Many people mix up re-occurring and recurring revenue, but one is much more valuable than the other.

Like a sailor manning a vessel in choppy storm waters, business owners cannot control the environment that impacts their marketplace

What will happen to your business if the unthinkable happens?


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