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About The BOSS Group

The Business Owner Succession Strategies (BOSS) Group provides training specifically designed to help business owners recognize the challenges of succession planning and implement appropriate solutions. Our team combines the experience and expertise of two firms that have been developing business succession strategies for business owners around the country. Waterfront Financial Group is an innovative financial services company that has worked with dealers and franchisees. Monroe Moxness Berg is a law firm that draws on its legal knowledge in the areas of taxation, estate planning, franchise and mergers and acquisitions to assist clients in business succession.

Introduction to the BOSS Group

Meet the Team

John Berg, J.D.
John Berg, J.D.Business & Estate Planning Attorney
John Berg, shareholder at Monroe Moxness Berg PA, John counsels buyers and sellers on effectively structuring and documenting transactions involving business combinations, purchases and sales, and financing.

Call John: 952.885.5965

Scott Husaby, J.D.
Scott Husaby, J.D.Business & Estate Planning Attorney
Scott Husaby, a shareholder at Monroe Moxness Berg, represents closely held businesses and individuals in the areas of estate planning and wealth preservation.

As leaders of the firm’s Multi-Unit Succession and Transition (MUST®) group, John and Scott work with multi-unit retail business owners to help them solve the unique legal challenges in structuring their exit plans.

Call Scott: 952.885.4385

Mark Hegstrom, AIF, CDFA
Mark Hegstrom, AIF, CDFAFinancial Planner
Mark Hegstrom, managing partner at Waterfront Financial Group, implements investment policy statements and asset allocation models, part of a comprehensive financial planning approach that provides a tailor-made investment strategy for each client. He works with small business owners to design strategies for income and capital preservation in retirement.

Call Mark: 952.236.1756

Fred Borstad, CExP, AIF
Fred Borstad, CExP, AIFCertified Exit Planner
Fred Borstad, managing partner at Waterfront Financial Group, is lead partner in Waterfront’s exit planning practice, and also works with business owners, professionals, and executives in the areas of estate planning, wealth management, and insurance.

Call Fred: 952.236.1751

Ryan Williams, CFP
Ryan Williams, CFPBusiness Consultant
Ryan Williams, wealth planner at Waterfront Financial Group, specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management services, which include asset management, retirement income planning, risk management, estate preservation, and has extensive knowledge in the various aspects of business planning.

Call Ryan: 952.236.5085

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